We urge you to support what is most meaningful to you. Your values, aligned with the needs of our current and future HSArts students will serve to strengthen and expand the educational experiences that transform lives and continue long after the initial gift is given to contribute to a better future.


As we look to the future and to the health and safety of our students during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 and California wildfires, we seek to raise $5,000 by Thursday, October 15 to buy 10 HEPA Filters for our classrooms and studios.
We have negotiated a deal with Austin Air Systems, makers of air purifiers used by the National Institute of Health, and are being purchased by school districts around the country. Science-based evidence supports this effort to prevent COVID infections and prevent long-term health effects from wildfire pollution, which in turn improves our children’s capacity for learning and well-being. We have negotiated special non-profit school pricing of $500 each including shipping. These units are expected to last no less than 20 years, are designed to run, install easily in any classroom or auditorium, and will work with open and closed windows. Filter replacement occurs once every five years.


Supporting our Immediate Needs Your gift to the Annual Fund supports every department, every program, every teacher, every student, every day.
Unrestricted gift: Let us decide how to use your gift. It will be put to use right away to support our mission. This designation allows us to support our arts or academics programs, improving technology and other resources. Many alumni, friends and parents opt to direct their gifts to a program or department of their choice.


Your gift to this fund provides necessary financial support of deserving students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.
Your generosity will help reduce or eliminate the cost of tuition for our Your Artist Dream scholars. We, like you, believe in making the High School of the Arts accessible to a wide and diverse group of youth, as it strengthens and enriches the learning experience of everyone within our community.


Your contribution to this fund will support the expansion of our facility, creating a beautiful place for our students to grow and learn.
Your gift supports our ‘Dream School’ project which involves the addition of a third floor to our building. Goals of this project include: adding six new classrooms, three new dance studios, three new music studios, five new music practice rooms, one new art studio, and display windows to showcase student art. The Dream School plan also includes building an underground garage to reduce parking constraints, a rooftop garden and a play area for our students, as well as solar panels to begin moving toward energy efficiency. By contributing to this fund, you will be part of expanding our facility to make it a better place for all of our students.

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