Academics at Middle School of the Arts

San Francisco Middle School of the Arts offers a rigorous academic program for middle school students from grades 6 to 8. Our academic program emphasizes five areas of study: English, Social Studies, Math, Sciences, and Chinese. Small class sizes facilitate a seminar-style engagement in the humanities, We have a great team of teachers with strong and diversified backgrounds, who are dedicated to inspiring and supporting students in all their endeavors.

A Supportive Environment

Our close-knit community encourages students to love learning, motivating them to take the lead in their academic growth. Our small class sizes allow our dedicated instructors to give students the individualized attention they deserve. We recognize that students learn differently. Click here for more information.

Improved Academia via Traditional Arts

Research has proven that training in traditional arts not only facilitates character building in young adults, but also improves their capabilities in academic learning. Through mastering the arts, our students become more focused and self-disciplined, and naturally develop good study habits that enhance their academic efficiency.

Middle School Academics

If you are looking for a warm, positive and supportive school where you can explore both the arts and academics fields, the San Francisco Middle School of the Arts is the place for you. You will receive a well-rounded education that builds your confidence, self-esteem and your scholastic skills to prepare you for any challenges that lie ahead.

“The teacher and staff dedication is beyond par. They really do care about the children as a whole and take action when needed. Most schools our children have been to “talk about” their values a lot. San Francisco High School of the Arts does. And it makes a world of difference. Highly recommend.” 

— Parent of 8th grade student

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