Our Timeless Education Model

Future leaders and creative visionaries in the making

Respect ∙ Responsibility ∙ Honesty ∙ Kindness ∙ Empathy ∙ Tolerance

San Francisco Middle School of the Arts features systematic training in traditional arts, distinguishing its whole-child education approach from other holistic models. Rather than providing superficial shortcuts, our classical arts training builds a solid foundation, brick by brick, instilling mindfulness with each line drawn, each note played, and each movement performed on stage. 

In a well-structured environment, our students explore their passions by actively participating in ballet, Chinese dance, music, and visual arts. The pursuit of excellence as emerging young artists motivates them to develop the focus and perseverance necessary for achievement in the arts, in academics, and in life.

Our core values include: 

Respect ∙ Responsibility ∙ Honesty ∙ Kindness ∙ Empathy ∙ Tolerance

We promote what has endured the longest and best in traditional education: the refinement of an ethically mature self, the continuous sophistication of one’s aesthetic standards, and the nurturing of a deep appreciation for the spirit behind traditional arts, through one’s own mastery of the arts.

We strongly believe that the harmonious integration of character development, artistic training and academic study will give rise to individuals who are able to make vital contributions to the world.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes


Students at San Francisco Middle School of the Arts will:

➢ understand the significance of universal values, including responsibility, respect, honesty, kindness, empathy, and tolerance

➢ be able to make upright decisions based on universal values

➢ reflect on their own learning and continuously seek ways to improve themselves, while setting high standards for their own actions


Students at San Francisco Middle School of the Arts will:

➢ develop a sense for appraising traditional aesthetics, including an appreciation for the moral essence within traditional arts

➢ demonstrate solid fundamental skills and continue to pursue advancement in one or more forms of traditional art

➢ develop non-cognitive skills such as perseverance, self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, teamwork, self-confidence, and work ethic


Students at San Francisco Middle School of the Arts will:

➢ integrate a base of culturally significant skills and knowledge in all core academic subject areas

➢ become analytical thinkers who communicate eloquently in speaking and writing

➢ maintain the academic mindset of self-determined learners and always strive to apply their knowledge to everyday situations

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