English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

Our intensive curriculum is literature-based and helps students develop practical skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary development.  Students should be prepared to work hard in our ESL courses!

During the Spring and Fall semesters, the curriculum is divided into three distinct courses, each focusing on specific academic skills and topics. We also offer an Intensive English Learning Summer Program for international students who wish to enroll in an American school for the Fall semester.           


Grades Offered: 8-10

Prerequisites: none

In this course, students will analyze and discuss novels and poetry, perform plays/dramas, give presentations, and write in a variety of different styles.

Grades Offered: 6-9

先决条件 none

For students that are still developing social language skills, this course includes phonics, everyday life topics, and learning basic grammar and English sentence structures.  The goal of the program is to push students to enter courses with American students as soon as possible.

Grades Offered: 8-10

Prerequisites: none

Students will tackle nonfiction articles with the purpose of learning the academic vocabulary contained in American science, social studies, and mathematics courses. They will also learn how to be successful with the academic assignments that American students must complete in those types of courses.